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‘Innate’ is that which is natural and inherent. ‘Traditions’ are those teachings that are passed down from one generation to the next. Our innate physiological design offers us a map to health and wellness. We THRIVE when we follow that which has been laid out for us.

INNATE Postpartum Care emphasizes the ‘WHY’ behind postpartum care.  When we understand ‘WHY’ we do something, we understand the reasons and purpose of it. When we understand the reasons and purposes of it, we begin to value it.  

Ancient postpartum traditions are based in our physiologic design, and offer to us a blueprint of everything we need in order to thrive as newborn families.

These sessions are ideal if you are having and baby and want to clearly plan out your postpartum healing and roadmap to life-long wellness, or if you have already had your baby and are not sure what else you can do to support your own postpartum healing. 

These 1:1 sessions will leave you feeling empowered and clearly outline a path to health that avoids the all too common symptoms of depletion postpartum.

"When MOTHERS are healthy and well, so then are their families. When their families are healthy and well, so too then is the community. Healthy and well communities are the best way that we can responsibly tend to the health of MOTHER EARTH."- Rachelle Garcia Seliga

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  • Postpartum Health Support (6 Hours)
    Postpartum Health Support (6 Hours)
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