Oral Placement Education (Pre/Post Tongue or Lip Tie Release)

Oral Placement Education (Pre/Post Tongue or Lip Tie Release)

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This offers 1:1 private pre/post frenectomy consultations 

This package allows you to address any concerns you have pre-release to help you get comfortable with your decision, skills and caregiver roles post procedure.

You will practice pre/post release stretches to ensure better receptivity by baby and receive the support you will need post procedure to ensure release success, decreasing feeding aversion and reattachment.

In the same way you wouldn’t have knee surgery before having therapy, this critical preparatory session will give you all the tools you and your baby need for the revision. The preparatory exercises we go over help train your baby’s tongue muscles to be more receptive to their new range of motion post revision and make you super confident for the stretches post revision, ENSURING you are doing all the things post revision the right way!

In addition, the simple and easy to follow whole body functional movement techniques we go over, will optimize your baby’s frenectomy outcomes and ensure your empowerment and success post revision. Reduce all the post frenectomy pitfalls, prepare your baby, decrease oral aversion, feeding refusal and feel confident to get the most out of the procedure!

You will receive personalized recommendations, simple to follow exercises, visual aides, and oral motor recommended toy list to empower you to facilitate effective oral motor function, optimize your baby's oral skills and maximize facial symmetry.

Be supported and walk CONFIDENTLY into your decision to optimize your baby’s oral function, feeding, breathing and over all health FOR LIFE!

Oral Placement Therapy (OPT)

Is a therapy focuses on using the work of OT and PTs as a model, first evaluating the functional status, movement and placement of mouth structures for proper feeding and preparatory oral training required for for speech in the pre-verbal child. A hierarchy of tactile-proprioceptive therapeutic activities are  introduced to teach the targeted movements needed for optimal breath, feeding and speech. These sessions will teach caregiver and child the “feel” of speech while developing motor plans or gestures for speech. As soon as placement, optimal rest/active oral postures are attained, clients may be referred out to Speech Pathology.

Possible Referrals to: IBCLC, Chiropractor, CST, DDS and SLPs.